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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: I’m Starting an Indie Horror Press!

After months of laying the groundwork, I am incredibly excited to finally announce that I am launching a new indie horror press!

Known as Cat Eye Press, it will specialize in horror fiction with the goal of celebrating subgenre and diversity through quality print and digital publications.

Helping me with Cat Eye Press is a strange little guy named Frankie. He’s part demon, part shapeshifting imaginary friend, and part cat (at least, he looks like a cat most of the time). Frankie has been a driving force behind the creation of the press these last few months – he’s been hounding me relentlessly about it ever since we met. Frankie simply loves horror and wants to find the best stuff out there. Our first project is still under wraps for now, but we plan on announcing it and opening up for submissions in early 2024.

Cat Eye Press Logo

If you want to learn more about Cat Eye Press, you can check out our first blog post here, or simply visit Either way, while you’re on the website, you should totally subscribe to the newsletter to keep up with all the horrific fun we have in store.

So, I think that’s basically it for now…

Oh wait. There is one more thing.

I started this writer’s website a little over a year ago. In that time, I’ve enjoyed writing about my journey through horror, adding more published stories to my stories page, and all the support I’ve received from you all. So, you may be wondering, what does starting a press mean for my writing?

Well, I’ll probably still submit some existing stories every now and again, as well as write when I can find the time. That said, most of my creative energy is going to be focused on Cat Eye Press for the time being. This means getting it off the ground, raising awareness about it, and starting some really cool projects. Doing all these things is going to take time and effort, and to do it right, the press is where my focus needs to be for now. I’ll still keep up with this site, but I just wanted you all to know where my priorities lie.

I know there’s hard work ahead, but with your help and continued support, I’m confident Cat Eye Press will be a success.

Frankie and I cannot wait to get started. We hope you’re ready to join us on this macabre mission of ours.

So, if you haven’t already, hop on over to and let’s get started.

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